Cricket Betting Tips

by BhaiJaan

cricket betting tips bhaijaanLife starts in a bet and ends in a bet. The struggle between life and death is full of gamble and raffle. Its all about gaining against all odds and drawing a favorable card from the riffle. This game of chance shapes and configures our life. In our daily life, everything is determined by chances. We have something at stake so that we can win something better on the other side. This is what we call betting- risking your current position to improve next position. Stay connect for further analysis on Cricket Betting Tips by Bhaijaan.

Cricket Betting Tips

Where life is determined in terms of chances, betting flourishes. Therefore, countries like India have the fundamental situation that encourages its people to take chances in their lives. Betting has been imbibed so deeply by common people in their lives that everything here is determined on a bet. From the policies of government to the future of a child, from the shares in Nifty to petty funds in Ponzi schemes, ever little things has its own “chances” of being successful.
Well, where possibilities and uncertainties are fundamentally ingested, there betting cannot remain a casual thing. Also, where cricket is practiced as a religion, there cricket betting cannot remain secluded from mainstream life. And where a huge number of people are into cricket betting, there “cricket betting tips” becomes inevitable.

To reduce the amount of risk and leading to something certain in life, Bhaijaan always brings fixed reports for you. In every match from IPL to ICC matches, Bhaijaan has a record number of successful match tips. My accuracy is more than 95% in every series. My reports never fail until there is some problem in executing the fixed match from players or team management. So with me, reduce your unpredictability & related anxiety and win enormously. Place any limit until I strictly mention limit in my report. For any match-

“Rahiye naa Phir Bekhabr, lijiye hamesha khas khabar”.


Bhaijaan has good connections with all team management and dressing room staff. What are captains’ move, what kind of pitch will be in the upcoming match, who will play in which match, what will be the order of wicket fall and batting order, every small thing is reported to me directly and consequently to my beloved punters. So there is no middle man or any mediator who can manipulate the actual report. The report of each match that comes to me is the actual match script that will be executed on actual judgment day.

Do not get bewildered by the report of many tippers. You will be perplexed when you will try to follow more that one tipper/fixer. This confusion will lead to huge monetary and emotional loss. So it is advised to all punters to follow who are genuine and help you to recover all your previous losses. Check their reports upfront before following their reports blindly. Talk to them and get an idea how they are going to play with you. If you find anything wrong or suspicious with their strategy or style, leave them immediately. Do not take many risks with them or recovery will be impossible.

Cricket Tips

Do not get excited by seeing an advertisement about free cricket tips on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus or YouTube. Just to save 2000/- to 5000/- you are risking more than you are gaining. If some fixer has fees that means he is also paying somewhere to fix things for you. The fixing does not come free but still, Bhaijaan has given a number of open posts. I recommend all my new punters to go through Guru Mantra to get an disciplined idea about “How to place a bet”.

Bhaijaan Cricket Betting Tips

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